Proton AV Electronics

This page used to host the website of Proton Electronic Industrial Co., Ltd., a company that offered a wide array of video and audio products. In 2007, it celebrated its 33rd anniversary with the hope of extending their reach to a larger audience worldwide.

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Back to Proton, mainly based in Taiwan, Proton had humble beginnings in the United States, beginning in a small space in California with the goal to celebrate their positively charged company by producing high quality merchandise. The featured ones were mostly televisions, and the company showed that their credibility is based from a long history of perseverance, which helps as they continued to innovate to keep up with the latest technology.

The company’s tagline “Building on the past, Defining the future” is an essential theme to the company’s legacy. This Proton Style that they have established in the market have been successful in earning them awards from various electronic award-giving bodies. From the previous web content, you get the feel of this brand’s uncompromising dedication in keeping up with the times and producing superior LCD televisions. Though its focus was mostly on home theater commodities, their audio products possess this Proton Style remarkability as well.

The site featured up-to-date news about the latest products released by the company, which were usually high-definition televisions that had enhanced audio technology. You can imagine how great the acoustics of these monitors were. It must be fun to watch the latest Transformers movie on that screen.

The importance of their history really showed through how the company broadcasted its accomplishments. In fact, it showed a map of Proton making its mark in the electronic industry, with its four branches worldwide.

A search in the Internet for Proton Electronics will give you results from India and London, but it is the Taiwan branch that is affiliated with the Californian company. Much like the previous owner of this website did, the Taiwan company also boasts of the Puriti™ advantage, the video technology advantage offered by Proton Electronic Industrial Co. This advantage is offered with the main export products, which are monitors and displays.

In using Puriti™, the LCDs are able to display wider range of colors than the conventional televisions. It keeps signal pure by filtering noises, thus converting analog signal to a digital format with great contrast and picture detail. It also has Automatic Black Level Expansion, which ensures that your picture doesn’t look washed out, balanced with LCD brightness that assures the vividness of colors even in bright light.

With an advanced algorithm that allows up to 60 frames per second (compared to the usual 25 frames per second), a wider viewable angle, a fast response time and 3D De-interlacing and Edge Enhancement capabilities which makes sure picture details are smooth even when moving, you are sure to experience quality television viewing. We can imagine beloved customers who’ve purchased televisions with Puriti™ technology lying on their couches and wanting to watch television whole day. After all, the LCD panels emit no radiation and reduced energy consumption by up to 25%.

It would be safe to say that televisions brought from this company definitely were top-of-the-line. A quick browse through their collection of merchandise emphasized the experience they have gained in more than three decades of electronic service. This earned them their legendary title, as seen in the various commercials, television advertisements, and publication, as featured in their page as well.

With its numerous awards and high ratings received, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the previous website hosted here have had a good reputation in the industry. With their focus now on their Taiwan branch, it’s sure to lead to good things as well for Proton Electronics’ future.